Fnmatch Expressions#

A wildcard-capable string used to match one or more names from a set. This is used in Partition QoS and in DDS Security documents. Recognized values will conform to POSIX fnmatch() function as specified in POSIX 1003.2-1992, Section B.6. This is a subset of UNIX shell file matching and is similar to, but separate from standard regular expressions.

Simplified, this consists of the following:


Will match any single character. For example ab? matches abc and abb.


Will match any zero or more characters. For example * will match anything and a* matches a, abc, and aaaaa.


Will match a single character specified in the brackets. For example a[bc] matches ab and ac. Can also use ranges, for example a[b-d] matches ab, ac, and ad.


Will escape the following character. For example \? just matches ? and \\ matches \.