The goal of this guide is help you download and compile OpenDDS and run a simple example.

Build Directions#

  1. Ensure that your environment has:

    • a C++ compiler (GCC or Clang)

    • GNU Make

    • Perl

    • Optional Java SDK 1.5 or greater for Java JNI binding support

    See Dependencies for a complete list of dependencies and for supported platforms.

  2. Download and extract the latest tar.gz file from the download site

  3. Enter the OpenDDS-<version> directory

  4. ./configure

    To enable Java bindings, use

    ./configure --java
  5. make

See Support if you encounter problems with configuration or building.

Run the Messenger Example#

  1. source
  2. For the C++ example

    cd DevGuideExamples/DCPS/Messenger

    For the Java example

    cd java/tests/messenger
  3. ./

The Messenger Example starts an InfoRepo, publisher, and subscriber. The InfoRepo allows the publisher and subscriber to find each other. Once the publisher finds the subscriber, it sends 10 messages to the subscriber and waits 30 seconds for the subscriber to acknowledge the messages.


The script sets various environment variables needed for running OpenDDS tests. Be sure to source if you start a new terminal session.

Next Steps#

See Getting Started for a detailed explanation of the Messenger C++ Example or Java Bindings for the Java Example.